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Random Interruption – Titus House, is it a museum?

Titus HouseSince I haven’t posted in a while I thought I would share the interlude I had this afternoon:

So, I am working on my laptop at the dining room table preparing listing-documents when I heard my front door open and some people having a conversation. At first I thought I had forgotten that we were having friends or family over, but I did not recognize the voices coming from the hallway. “This is weird” I thought to myself and as I turned the corner – lo and behold, there are four total strangers (two guys and two girls in their early twenties maybe?) in my hallway pointing out the high ceilings and talking to each other about how cool the house was……and then there was this awkward moment.

One of the girls asked me “Excuse me, is this a museum?” and I just replied “nope – this is a personal residence”…..then there was a moment of silence…and I yelled to my wife “Honey would you come here please?”.

The same girl then proceeded to ask me how long we have rented this place and if they could have a tour. While I was still being dumbfounded by the situation, one of the girls then whips out a digital camera and *flash* there was the first picture…

Wow, and here I thought I had seen it all… but this was quite unbelievable. I kindly asked her to stop taking pictures and she did. Then the rest of the group of “visitors” started to realize that they were actually inside someones home, castle and sanctuary – a place of privacy.

After a little small talk, giving them a little history about the house and handing them my business card we said good bye and promised them to send them some pictures of the house via email.

There is only this left to say… that these four strangers appeared to be four nice folks with no bad intentions…..we hope….

  1. Wow. That would have been really bizare! If I were you I would have kept waiting for them to say “You’ve been punked” or “You’re on candid camera.” I guess that’s what you get for living in a gorgeous bungalow! :)

  2. Wow…did somebody get a blog make over?

  3. Very impressive new site. A wonderful Southwestern theme. I especially like the cacti separating the posts. Oh, and a very odd situation with your “house guests.”

  4. How crazy! Awesome how life provides such great blog content.

    Nice site!

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